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We live in a new world of bigger disasters and tenacious resistance that can’t be check-listed out of the way or plopped on a conveyor belt.  We need some new language, new thinking, new action, and a new approach. One that works better, faster, easier than the “tried and true” that’s more tried than true. We need an Intentional Epidemic.




An emergency physician, healthcare CEO, and entrepreneur, Larry’s interests at the intersection of business, biology, and health have forged his thinking about the need to innovate leadership exponentially for the challenges of the 21st century. His work focuses on regenerating organizations, companies, and communities to exponential health and vigor — where performance, learning, and vitality rise in parallel and are abundant, infectious, sustained and sustaining.

A compelling storyteller and gifted facilitator, Larry is adept at convening groups to craft their own self-determined clarity and direction amid uncertainty or ambiguity. He has orchestrated the renewal of multiple environments of distrust, distress, and dispirited dynamics across his career.


From 2008 to 2012, he served as the CEO of Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs, CO, facilitating a strategic and operational turnaround, the emergence of a culture of collaboration and commitment, and Memorial’s transformation from an

at-risk and unfunded municipal hospital to the threshold of its merger with the University of Colorado Health system. Prior to that he was a senior executive and emergency physician at the Billings Clinic in Billings, MT, from 1995 to 2008. He completed his training in emergency medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN, in 1995. After earning a BA in English Writing from Carroll College (MT) in 1987, Larry graduated from Stanford University Medical School in 1992.

As a life-long horseman, outdoorsman, and biologist at heart, he can be found—or difficult to find—as he stewards the return of Cove Canyon Grasslands in south central Montana to its once and future abundance.

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Interested in how epidemic approaches can help you vitalize your work and business? Find out how we work via consulting, keynote speaking, webinars, partnerships, workshops & retreats. 

Book Larry to speak at your next event to inspire and create exponential impact in your business, organization, or industry. Kickstart vitality with Larry’s dynamic and engaging presentation, built on robust experience speaking for healthcare organizations and leadership development groups.


Looking for a new approach or fresh ideas… that work? Want to engage your employees to drive performance without the burnout? Larry helps you and your colleagues scale performance, learning, and vitality by multiplying positive effects.


We offer consulting and advising for individuals, businesses, executive teams, non-profits, schools, and more. Reach out today to learn how we can help you create an intentional epidemic in your organization.


Epidemic Leadership hosts online and in-person workshops, and offers custom on-site retreats in the high plains of Montana. Our workshops and retreats are tailored to your goals and offer an immersive, unmatched experience that yields tangible growth.


Interested in how epidemic approaches can help you vitalize your work and business? Find out how we work via consulting, keynote speaking, webinars, partnerships, workshops & retreats. Drop me your info below, and we’ll look forward to connecting!


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Epidemic Leadership: a biology-based framework for creating exponential impact — without wearing out.

At a time when good and bad things come from everywhere and there’s too much to do, Epidemic Leadership: How to Lead Infectiously in the Era of Big Problems, helps you and your colleagues scale performance, learning, and vitality. Through his lens as an emergency physician, health care CEO, and biologist, Dr. McEvoy reframes leadership as an accessible path to results and energy in this challenging era. Tapping biology as a powerful operating system for human organizations, the author translates the principles of epidemic phenomena into a how-to methodology for multiplying positive effects in uncertain times. By understanding how epidemics function and applying their organizing principles to your most important work, you can multiply influence across teams, companies, and communities. You will find yourself impressed with the power of biology as a blueprint for the defining deliverables of the quantum age and re-energized in your purpose and efforts in work and life.


“Excellent and engaging presentation and presenter… I never thought of leading in terms of biology, but makes so much sense.”

- Speaking attendee, The Governance Institute

“Larry’s knowledge of systems, cultures, people, motivators, structures, relational engagement, spirituality, and professional growth helps create a roadmap to infectiously engaging people, teams, and leaders to jointly spread ideas and concepts to guide organizations successfully into the future.”

- Intentional Epidemic Retreat attendee

“Larry mixes a strong dose of reality with wit, charm, and humor to allow his audience to step into a new reality of leading.”


- Tracy Duberman, Founder & President, The Leadership Development Group

“Larry has the unique ability to bring people together and inspire them to think big and not limit themselves or the impact they can have on others.”

- Carm Moceri, Principal, Healthcare Alignment Solutions


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