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How to Lead Infectiously in the Era
of Big Problems


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Epidemic Leadership: a biology-based framework for creating exponential impact — without wearing out.

At a time when good and bad things come from everywhere and there’s too much to do, Epidemic Leadership: How to Lead Infectiously in the Era of Big Problems, helps you and your colleagues scale performance, learning, and vitality. Through his lens as an emergency physician, health care CEO, and biologist, Dr. McEvoy reframes leadership as an accessible path to results and energy in this challenging era. Tapping biology as a powerful operating system for human organizations, the author translates the principles of epidemic phenomena into a how-to methodology for multiplying positive effects in uncertain times. By understanding how epidemics function and applying their organizing principles to your most important work, you can multiply influence across teams, companies, and communities. You will find yourself impressed with the power of biology as a blueprint for the defining deliverables of the quantum age and re-energized in your purpose and efforts in work and life.




An emergency physician, healthcare CEO, and entrepreneur, Larry’s interests at the intersection of business, biology, and health have forged his thinking about the need to innovate leadership exponentially for the challenges of the 21st century. His work focuses on regenerating organizations, companies, and communities to exponential health and vigor — where performance, learning, and vitality rise in parallel and are abundant, infectious, sustained and sustaining.

A compelling storyteller and gifted facilitator, Larry is adept at convening groups to craft their own self-determined clarity and direction amid uncertainty or ambiguity. He has orchestrated the renewal of multiple environments of distrust, distress, and dispirited dynamics across his career.


From 2008 to 2012, he served as the CEO of Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs, CO, facilitating a strategic and operational turnaround, the emergence of a culture of collaboration and commitment, and Memorial’s transformation from an

at-risk and unfunded municipal hospital to the threshold of its merger with the University of Colorado Health system. Prior to that he was a senior executive and emergency physician at the Billings Clinic in Billings, MT, from 1995 to 2008. He completed his training in emergency medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN, in 1995. After earning a BA in English Writing from Carroll College (MT) in 1987, Larry graduated from Stanford University Medical School in 1992.

As a life-long horseman, outdoorsman, and biologist at heart, he can be found—or difficult to find—as he stewards the return of Cove Canyon Grasslands in south central Montana to its once and future abundance.

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“A giant leap for how we must see leadership in our times: participatory, infectious, adaptive, agile, and everywhere!”

Arvind Singhal, Ph.D., Marston Endowed Professor of Communication, The University of Texas at El Paso and William J. Clinton Distinguished Fellow, Clinton School of Public Service


“Larry McEvoy nails it: leadership during these times is about convening a community to create impact through a different kind of relatedness. His translation of biology to practical and powerful approaches is provocative and powerful."


Helen Prejean, CSJ, Author of Dead Man Walking


“We talk a lot about innovation. Epidemic Leadership talks about how to innovate leadership itself.”


Jeffery Adler, CEO iProtean


“'Miraculous' is the word I would use to explain what happens when Dr. Larry McEvoy’s Epidemic Leadership principles are implemented.  As Dr. McEvoy facilitated and taught, I watched true transformation take place in our school in Uganda as students and staff alike participated.  Nothing short of amazing.  The results? The entire school went from poverty thinking to a prosperity mindset, from trash and dirt to a schoolyard that looks like the 'Garden of Eden,' from a school that no one wanted to attend to a place where we have a very long waiting list, and a group of people who have become family.  I’ll never again approach leadership in the same way, and I suspect if you read and implement these principles neither will you."


Jean Kaye-Wilson, RN, President, H.E.L.P. International


"In a world that seems increasingly focused on pitting one against another and where so-called leaders seek to win at any cost, how might we create an epidemic of the kind of leadership that is regenerative, innovative, and sustainable? In describing the simple mechanisms that help pathogens become epidemic, Dr. McEvoy masterfully illustrates how we might use the same concepts to lead in a way that adds to the world rather than steals from it.”

Craig Bardenheuer, Leadership Performance Advisor and Founder, Create—Innovate—Operate; Former VP of Business Innovation, Juniper Networks


Epidemic Leadership reminds us that biology shows us the rules, and that we can use those rules to build and scale a better world.  Mind-bending and practical at the same time.”


Joshua Newman, MD MSHS, Physician Executive


"Epidemic Leadership is a brilliant and timely book. Larry McEvoy, M.D., looking through the lens of an emergency physician, realizes that epidemics can teach us powerful, positive, and practical lessons about leading. Those lessons are not about people at the top using authority to control how things get done.  From the perspective of an epidemic, leadership is now about swarming patterns among interconnected networks of people.  Epidemic Leadership engages readers in looking at big problems in a whole new way, inviting all of us to become much more curious about the complex world we live in.  McEvoy also goes beyond questions and offers practical applications of the principles of epidemics. This book deserves to go viral, and you will want to be one of those who spread this infectious message.
Jim Kouzes, Coauthor of the Bestselling The Leadership Challenge and a Fellow of the Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University.



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